We are building an environmentally conscious community with a thirst for advocacy. We make tasty cold-pressed juice affordable by reducing food waste and challenging the status quo. 

Ugly Produce Heart

Drink Ugly Juice


Ugly Juice is cold-pressed juice made from local, imperfect produce delivered daily by bicycle. Two out of five fruits and vegetables are “too ugly” to be sold in grocery stores and are routinely discarded by farmers. We care about the taste, not the aesthetic appearance of our ingredients. We make nutritious, vegetable-based juice from only unwanted produce at a significantly lower cost. Our juice is the squeeze!

Ugly Beets

Beet Waste

Imagine this, if the emissions from food waste were released by a single country, it would be the third-largest polluter in the world. To stem this epidemic, we upcycle local unwanted produce into raw, cold-pressed juice - good for you and good for the Earth. To enhance our mission and have a positive impact on our planet, we use recyclable BPA-free containers, donate our pulp and surplus juice to local shelters and businesses, and deliver juice by bicycle!

California produce

Keep It Local

We love our ugly ingredients and we care about where they come from. As a San Francisco juice delivery company, we focus on sourcing from 50 farmers and organizations around the Bay Area to source fresh produce. Our purchasing practices help create an additional source of income for local farmers and reduces production costs, passing the savings on to you. We spend our nights cold-pressing fresh fruits and veggies and deliver juice to San Francisco within hours. Our recipes change daily depending on what’s fresh, ugly, and in season.