Our (not-so) Ugly Mission. 

Ugly Juice is a cold-pressed juice company that transforms “ugly produce” into beautiful juice in an effort to fight food waste. Our juice is delivered to offices, individuals, and events throughout the Bay Area within hours of being pressed.

Sourced Ugly

We could fill the Rose Bowl stadium every day with America's food waste. In the US alone, over 20 billion pounds of fresh, perfectly edible produce goes to waste each year, largely because it’s considered to be too unattractive. According to ReFed, food waste represents a $218 billion annual loss, occupies 21% of the US’s total landfill volume and uses more than 20% of our country’s fresh water supply. That's ridiculous! 

We source produce deemed "too ugly" by grocery stores. To date, we've saved over 540,000lbs of produce. We work with local Bay Area farms and organizations to source fresh, cosmetically disadvantaged, produce. Our purchasing practices help create an additional source of income for local farmers and reduces production costs, passing the savings on to you. Our recipes change daily depending on what’s fresh, ugly, and in season.

Bike Delivered

In San Francisco, all juice is delivered by bike, which saves over 19 metric tons of CO2 emissions annually and significantly reduces delivery times. Read more about our awesome couriers here. SF has an awesome bike messenger history...read about it here

We've saved over...


gallons of water


pounds of produce


pounds of CO2

Check out how the juicy magic happens...