(not so) UGLY MERCH

Our juice may be UGLY, but these shirts sure aren't! 100% of profits go to charity. This month, we are supporting Outside2Inside, a local nonprofit working to prevent, recover and recycle food waste in the Bay Area.


Ugly Camper



100% to Charity

We are committed to helping our community reduce food waste. We donate 100% of merchandise profits to charities that share our mission. This month, we are donating to Outside2Inside, a local Bay Area Nonprofit working to reduce, recover and recycle food waste in the Bay Area.

What They're About:

"Our mission is to reduce food waste by bringing awareness about food waste among community and kids, recover imperfect produce, and recycle food waste through organic composting and animal feed.

Our vision is to bring balance in our local community using existing discarded waste to create a clean, peaceful and healthy environment."