Sales and Operations Internship



At Ugly Juice, we're focused on making healthy and affordable food & beverage products that fight food waste. We source the perfectly good "ugly" fruits/vegetables that don't make the aesthetic cut for grocery stores and have historically gone to waste. We've grown the company organically over the past year and a half through a direct outreach program that brings juice to companies across the bay area on a subscription basis. 

This internship is intended to be very multifaceted and will neccesitate cross collaboration with our sales/marketing/operations teams. This intern will also work directly with the founders to establish a learning goal for the duration of their time at Ugly Juice. We are evaluating candidates now, and the internship will last through the end of the summer.


- Provide research on potential and existing clients and the competitive landscape
- Managing and following up on digital marketing campaigns
- Assist in identifying potential business opportunities
- Monitor news and developments relating to, or impacting, key clients/prospects
- Prepare periodic reports on screening, tracking, and monitoring clients and prospects


- Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and collaborate effectively as a team member
- Sticktuitiveness and an interest in entrepreneurship. 
- Ability to communicate at all levels with internal/external clients by phone, email and face to face
- Proficiency in Google Suite (Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc) 
- A positive attitude with good organizational, presentation and writing skills
- Pursuing a Bachelors Degreee or equivalent education


If you think you fit the bill, please email your resume and/or brief background on yourself to