How much does Ugly Juice cost and how can I buy it?

We are bringing cold-pressed juice to the masses! Because 40% of produce never makes it to stores due to imperfections, we pass the savings onto you for about 30% less than similarly priced juices. For wholesale buyers like our offices or events, we offer bulk discounts. We also offer bulk containers with deeper discounts for companies. Depending on how much and how often you want us to deliver, we will offer discounts accordingly. Delivery costs are included for regular deliveries, tastings, and events!

Please email for order requests.

If your company is interested in a free tasting, request one here.

Email us at for a customized quote.

How far do you travel to make deliveries or cater an event?

For now, we only deliver to homes or offices in the San Francisco metropolitan area. We're working to expand to the greater Bay area. For events, however, we can travel outside of SF. If you are interested in a quote for your event, please give us a shout here. And Follow us for updates!

What do I need in order to reserve my tasting or to get a quote for an event?

We’ll need:

1. A headcount of how many people are in your office.

2. Any information related to allergies we should be aware of.

3. Please get in touch 24 hours in advance of your tasting or event.

4. A date/time that would work best for you!

Please, fill out this form

How often can you deliver?

We deliver daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly to our customers! As long as it’s a business day, you’ll get juiced!

What’s your delivery minimum?

For individual customer deliveries, email for a personal delivery request. For office customers, we are flexible depending on your number of employees!

Where do you source your ugly produce?

Through farmers, produce distributors, and other local sustainability-oriented organizations, including amazing partners like Imperfect Produce. Use promo code UGLYJUICE if you’d like to have ugly and affordable produce delivered to you. Go ugly!

What juice flavors are available?

A wide variety. Because we believe in using seasonal, fresh produce, the type of produce we source shifts regularly, enabling us to constantly create new recipes. However, greens, roots and seasonal fruit are staples in our menu. You will never get bored!

What size containers do the juices come in?

Our highly recyclable BPA-free containers use four times less waste than the average recyclable container. They come in 16 oz, 8 oz and 2 oz health shots. If you are ordering for an office or big event, we can deliver bulk containers.

Do you add sugar or any other ingredients?

Absolutely no sugar or any other ingredients are added to Ugly Juices! They are 100% local, fresh, seasonal, and raw. Each serving is made with over 1.5 pounds of fruits and veggies!

How long do juices last?

We work hard to deliver within just a few hours of juicing so it’s as fresh as possible. We highly recommend drinking your juice while fresh for the greatest health benefit. Fresh juice lasts up to 5 days, but we recommend consuming it within the first 72 hours (~3 days) when the juice has its highest nutritional value.

What is cold-pressed juice?

Juice is quite literally pressed out of fruits and vegetables, leaving out the pulp/fiber which means the remaining nutrients are quickly absorbed. With traditional juicing (a.k.a. centrifugal or slow juicing) the speed of the blades against the produce generate heat, thereby oxidizing the juice, and greatly reducing nutritional quality.

Do your juices contain fiber?

The cold-press process optimizes extracting the most juice leaving out the pulp/fiber. The benefit is faster absorption of nutrients. We support the importance of balanced diet that includes a healthy amount of fiber!

Why should we buy Ugly Juice over “pretty” juice?

Because buying Ugly Juice not only gives you the freshest, most nutritious cold-pressed juice, it also helps: stem food waste, contributes to a new revenue stream for local farmers, and gives you all the goodness of similar “pretty” juices that come from more expensive “pretty” on-the-outside, same-as-ours-on-the-inside at a significantly lower price. Ugly is the new pretty.

How do you handle the juice pulp?

We work with local organizations that pick it up and drop it off with urban agriculture organizations who use it as compost. We even share some of our pulp with local baking businesses.

Do you offer cleanses?

The science and benefits for "detoxing" or "cleansing" are inconclusive, so we can’t recommend using our juice for cleansing.

Is reducing food waste a big deal?

Discarded food makes up 21% of our total landfill volume, takes up 18% of our total arable land, and uses 25% of our country's fresh water supply. This chalks up total food waste to a $218 billion loss annually in the United States. Fighting the wasted food beast can have huge environmental, societal, and financial impacts.

What are the nutritional facts?

Our Ugly Juice flavors are constantly rotating to reflect what is in season and which specific types of produce were recovered in large amounts that week. The numerical nutrition facts are not included on the bottle, however, the exact ingredients that are cold-pressed to make the juice are listed on the label. We do not add anything else to our juices other than the raw produce that you see on the label!

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Can I just order through my office vendor?

Not at this time. Because our juices are raw products, and because vendors aren’t the ones actually making the juice, the FDA doesn’t allow them to resell raw cold-pressed juice.

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