Why Doesn’t Ugly Juice Use Glass Containers Anymore?

When we first launched Ugly Juice, we used glass jars to avoid having to recycle containers in waste systems. After all, glass can be reused. So, we happily filled them with juice and picked up the empties for refills. Glass jars filled with raw juice - what could be better?!

Customers have been asking us why we switched. Well, as we continued to diligently wash and sanitize the glass jars, we realized that we were using an increasingly precious resource in the state of California: water. With this realization, the Ugly Juice team decided to switch to BPA-free plastic containers. Fortunately, BPA-free plastic is worlds better than plastics with BPA. As a result, not only have we been able to keep our prices low, but the BPA-free choice is also not harmful to you or our planet. Score!

What Even Is BPA, and Why Is It Harmful?

Bisphenol-A (BPA) is a chemical compound commonly found in plastic bottles as a result of the manufacturing process. If consumed in minimal amounts, BPA is not harmful to the human body. However, higher levels of BPA can add up to various health hazards including the tendency to leach hazardous toxins into stored food and water.

Canada became the first country in 2010 to declare BPA material as toxic as it’s been proven to contribute (in varying amounts) to health issues like diabetes, heart disease,breast cancer, and a multitude of others. Unfortunately, it is still a common chemical found in plastics and resins used in food and beverage packaging, especially those found in grocery stores.

Another drawback of products containing BPA is their potential to leak toxins when exposed to extremely high or extremely low temperatures. Whereas BPA-free plastics are not subject to this disadvantage, and can be used to store food or beverages in the fridge and freezers. They’re even safe to use in a microwave!

Going BPA-free Is Also Environmentally Friendly

Apart from potential negative impacts on consumer health, BPA-free products also contribute to making the environment safer from toxic chemicals. After disposal, BPA-free items don’t leak harmful chemicals into our environment. We’re always looking out for Mother Nature.

Now that the threats of BPA plastics are increasingly known, consumers are reaching for BPA-free food containers and water bottles, making BPA-free plastics and stainless steel the new preferred choices. And the best choice for Ugly Juice!

Peace, Love, Ugly.