No Sleep For the Cold-Presser

Yes, we gather our produce, make the juice, and deliver all in less than 12 hours!

We cold-press the juice late at night and deliver it to you in the morning. We do this in the best interest of you, our enthusiastic juice-drinkers. At Ugly Juice, we aim to deliver the juice within a couple of hours of the completion of the cold-pressing process, so it’s as fresh as possible when you lovely humans drink it.

Getting optimal nutrition is a high priority goal, so this is why we strongly recommend that our Ugly Juices are consumed within the first 3 days. The nutritional value of the juices slowly decreases as the days pass. Our mission is not only to reduce waste, but also to deliver juices containing the highest amount of nutrients to our customers.

Why Don’t We Ship Our Juice Through Distributors?

We are often asked if Ugly Juice can be purchased through office vendors. Unfortunately this isn’t possible.

FDA regulations dictate that “raw” products like cold-pressed juice must go through intensive processing (i.e. flash-pasteurization) in order to be resold through a vendor or distributor. This kind of specific processing does two things to our juice:

1. Destroys the nutrient content that makes Ugly Juice so healthy.

2. Requires a lot of $$, making our juice too expensive for most offices.

These regulations are the reason why almost every cold-pressed juicing company has their own shop, rather than have their juice resold. This way, we keep our juice affordable, healthy, and delicious by doing it the Ugly way. And, we deliver the juices in the most earth-conscious way possible… on a bike! All part of the Ugly Juice mission!

We do realize that working with office vendors gives you one handy invoice, so we’ve designed our billing process to be as straightforward and painless as possible.

Anatomy of an Ugly Delivery Process

  1. We source and recover odd-looking, oversized, tiny, and surplus produce from local Bay Area farmers and from our fantastic partner, Imperfect Produce. We don’t discriminate -every piece of produce the world has to offer is perfect for us!

  2. We cold-press the produce every night into 100% raw juice with no added ingredients. The specific types of produce that we upcycle changes from week to week, so we constantly have different, unique flavors to offer.

  3. When the sun comes up, we bike the fresh, cold-pressed juices right to your door! You consume our healthy Ugly Juices and recycle our BPA-free containers. You contribute to a cleaner planet by saving pounds and pounds of imperfect produce from being wasted! It's cool to care about Mother Nature. :)

Reduce waste and better our planet by going ugly with us!