As a waste-fighting San Francisco juice delivery company, we are excited to join forces with other businesses and organizations with similar missions. This weekend we had the opportunity to attend a weekend dedicated to food waste hosted by the CIA at Copia.



Did you know it takes 25 years for a head of lettuce to break down in the landfill?

That means that there are hundreds of thousands of heads of lettuce sitting in piles of methane-emitting, oxygen suppressing trash, that are older than me. And do you know how long it takes to decompose in the compost? 1-2 weeks minus the methane and CO2 emissions.


It’s amazing how much we learn each day about the epicness of food waste.

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This weekend, we donated juices to the Food Waste Weekend at the CIA at Copia. Our juices were completely transformed into delicious, waste-fighting cocktails...think warm, spiced apple cider, and spicy pineapple-chili. After nearly burning our mouths from tequila infused (for a month!) with Thai chilis, our mixologist mastermind, Shannon, adjusted the recipe and it was fantastic! Luckily we had a ton of surplus pineapples and lots of juice!

Want Ugly Juice at your next party or event? We’ll deliver!


After a juicy cocktail hour, we watched Wasted! The Story of Food Waste. Featuring chefs Anthony Bourdain, Dan Barber, Mario Battali, Massimo Batturo and Danny Bowien, Wasted! is a beautifully shot, comical, and eye-opening story of food waste in the 21st century. We highly recommend watching it!


The film breaks down the issue into a hierarchy of consumption, offering solutions at each level:

  1. Feed People

  2. If excess food can’t feed people, feed animals

  3. If excess food is unfit for animals, turn it into energy

  4. Finally, compost it.

  5. DO NOT throw food waste in the landfill (remember that lettuce stat?)


If you live on earth and eat food, you should watch this documentary.


After the film, our CEO, Grant spoke alongside Christ Hunt from ReFED, Dan Kurzrock from ReGrained, and Komel Ahmed from Copia in a panel. Each panelist offered their own experience working in the food waste industry and shared tips to reduce waste at home...think stir frys, meal prep and fridge organization! Side note, if your office/event/etc. has excess food on a consistent basis, check out Copia! They've created an amazing technology to connect excess food with those who need it. We loved seeing how engaged the audience was about the issue of food waste and it gave us hope for a sustainable future!


Thanks CIA for hosting this awesome event!