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Our Ugly inspiration began in a farm house in Ukraine, where Slava, our co-founder, was taught by his grandma to never to waste a scrap of food. This obsession to cherish resources stayed with him when he moved to the U.S. Slava met Grant, our CEO and co-founder, in San Francisco and they discovered that they shared a passion for making the world a better place through better business. A few months later this discovery drove them to found Ugly Juice.

Ugly Juice makes fresh, reasonably-priced, craft juice that is good for humans and good for the planet. Wasting huge amounts of fruits and veggies because of aesthetic imperfections doesn’t sit well with us. Changing our purchasing practices personally and as a community will impact our environment for the better. We work everyday to give love to unwanted produce, embracing the ugly to make beautiful, delicious juice.

Peace, Love, and Ugly.

 Ugly juice co-founder, Slava Chupryna
 Ugly Juice co-founder, Grant Carlson