This Week's Ugly Juices

Our recipes rotate regularly to reflect what Ugly produce is in season. Here's a look at some of the juices that our Ugly chefs created this week...


Red Root

apple, carrot, parsnip, strawberry, ginger

Healthy fruit-based juice with a gentle hint of ginger.

Screenshot 2017-06-29 13.30.59.png


watermelon, cucumber, lemon, ginger, turmeric, cayenne

Hydrating fruity juice that helps improve heart health.


Pineapple Express

Carrot, golden beet, pineapple, celery, orange, ginger

Tangy juice drink that improves skin health.


Produce Of The Week

The UJ Team recovers different types of produce in large amounts each week, which dictates the creation of the recipes. 




-warms the body and helps break down the accumulation of toxins in your organs
-has an anti-blood-clotting ability



-are extremely low in calories, and beneficial in losing weight
-help improve digestion



-boost your immune system                             -reduce overall cholesterol                               -lower the risk of arthritis


Previous Ugly Recipes!

Click on the the last juice pictured to scroll to the next one! Our recipes rotate and overlap so these juices could be on our menu of the week again soon. A black background represents a fruit-based juice and a white background represents a veggie-based juice! Drink on!