Join The Ugly Fight

2 out of 5 fruits and vegetables are judged to be “too ugly” to be sold in traditional stores, causing close to a billion tons of produce to go to waste each year. This is preposterous  - let’s take all the good the world has to offer, no matter what it looks like, no matter the size. Ugly Juice offers you highly nutritious, vegetable-based, cold-pressed juice at costs significantly lower compared to other fresh juice shops.

Rethink Waste

We are committed to leaving the earth cleaner than we found it. This commitment includes upcycling unwanted produce, delivering by bicycle, and using highly recyclable, BPA-free containers. We also donate our pulp and surplus juice to local shelters and businesses.  

Keep it Real, Fresh & Local.

We work with over 50 farmers and organizations around the Bay Area to source fresh produce, providing local farmers with a new stream of revenue. Our Ugly chefs cold-press unwanted produce, rotating recipes daily to reflect what’s in season and give our customers always new, fresh, bold flavors.