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Help Us End Food Waste

Go Ugly. 

2 out of 5 fruits and vegetables are judged to be “too ugly” to be sold in traditional supermarkets and grocery stores, causing close to a billion tons of ugly produce to go to waste each year. This is silly - let’s take all the good the world has to offer, no matter what it looks like. Ugly Juice offers you a highly nutritious, vegetable based, freshly pressed juice at a fraction of the cost compared to boutique juice shops. 

Zero Waste.

We are committed to leaving the earth cleaner than we found it. No fruit or vegetable should be discarded because of the way it looks, and no juice vessel should be used just once. We will deliver freshly pressed juice to your house or office every morning and pick up the empty mason jars. You only pay for the juices that have been consumed and we donate the rest to local homeless shelters.

Fresh & Local.

We press our juice every morning and deliver it to you fresh within a few hours. We work with local organizations to source our produce from Bay Area farmers. We rotate our recipes to reflect what’s fresh & seasonal, so we can offer the most nutritious juices for you, your family and your employees to keep them healthy and happy all year round.