Operations/Sales Internship


We’re looking for a smart and motivated intern to work directly with our CEO, helping with daily business operations and ensuring the success of the different aspects of our business.

Our office is located in the SOMA area of San Francisco, and we’re looking for the right candidate to get started within the month of August. This position is critically important to the success of the company, and will have full time (40 hr/wk) responsibilities. 

Age range of the team is 25-35, and is a fun, friendly, and hard working group.

This role will cover a range of different day-to-day operations assisting our CEO as he works with our operations, marketing, finance, logistics, sales, and production teams. Examples of that work are below: 

  • Reviewing customer billing, collecting customer agreements and billing information. This includes collaboration with our accounting team to ensure we're getting paid properly. 
  • Coordination with our sales/outreach team, restocking our event materials supply, and filling in when neccesary for tasting events and deliveries 
  • Aiding with the coordination of the logistics team executing deliveries. Organizing their materials and training new couriers on procedure 
  • Customer happiness. Checking in regularly with different customers to get feedback on how we can improve their experience. 

This role is very multifaceted, so the responsibilities listed here do not encompass all of the work we do on a daily basis.

The ideal candidate will be younger than 30, and is in the process of completing or has completed a 4-year degree. Candidates without a B.A. will be considered, however, this is not a position for someone who works slowly and/or cannot think on their feet. 
Strongly prefer candidates with: 

  • Google Sheets and docs experience 
  • Basic accounting skills 
  • Interest in sales and a love of talking to people 
  • Belief in the mission of fighting food waste 
  • Access to transportation (car, bike, BART) to get to work regularly in the mornings 
  • Ability to think outside of the box

If you think you fit the bill, please email your resume as well as a brief background on yourself to info@uglyjuicellc.com

Stay Ugly,

The Ugly Juice Team