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Our Mission

To impact & influence the reduction of food waste through health and sustainability, and foster a proactive network of environmental advocates within our customers, our suppliers, and the communities that we serve.

About Ugly Juice

Working and living in San Francisco, we noticed that only two types of juice are available: overpriced fresh juice boutiques, and the mass produced, artificial juice that you find in grocery stores. As former collegiate athletes trying to lead a healthy lifestyle, we often turn to juice as a natural source of energy. We were frustrated that we were forced to choose between healthy and affordable.

That is how Ugly Juice was born. Two friends from different continents, brought together by a desire to make fresh, reasonably priced juice that is good for people and good for the planet. Wasting huge amounts of fruits and vegetables because of aesthetic imperfections doesn’t sit well with us, and we want to show our Ugly ingredients some love.

Every jar of Ugly Juice is handmade in San Francisco, and delivered straight to your office by our team within hours.  Because we sell directly to local businesses, we build relationships with our customers and receive feedback on our juice so that we can always be fine-tuning and perfecting our product.

Peace, Love, Ugly.

Frequently Asked Questions By Offices

How much does it cost? 

Our individual mason jars retail at $5 per jar, and we offer bulk containers for companies. We discount according to quantity needed and frequency of delivery. Email us at info@uglyjuicellc.com for a quote.

Tastings: Free! Request one here.

Events: Depends on the quantity needed. We adjust our pricing to fit within your event spending budget. Let us know what you’re planning.

Delivery Price is included for regular deliveries, tastings, and events. 

How far do you travel to make deliveries or cater an event?

For now, we only deliver to offices in the San Francisco metropolitan area. We're working to expand to the greater Bay area. Follow us for updates!

What do I need in order to reserve my tasting or event date?

Here’s what we’ll need:

  • A headcount of how many people are in your office

  • Any information related to allergies we should be aware of

  • A date/time that works best for you!

Please, fill out this form

How often can you deliver to my San Francisco office?

We deliver daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly to our customers! The more you order, the less it will cost.

What’s your delivery minimum?

30 individual juices per week or 3 gallons per week.

Where do you source your ugly produce from?

We source from Bay Area farmers, wholesalers and Imperfect Produce.

What juice flavors are available?

A wide variety. Because the type of produce we source shifts regularly, we’re always changing and working to improve our recipes based on your feedback. Green juices are a staple for our menu.

What size containers do the juices come in?

12oz glass mason jars that we drop off and pick up for a zero waste system. Have a big office? We also deliver by the gallon!

Do you add sugar or anything else to the juices?

Absolutely no sugar is added to the juices. They are 100% fresh and raw made with over a pound of fruits and veggies.  

How long do the juices last?

Fresh juice lasts up to 5 days but we recommend consuming it within the first 72 hours while the juice has the highest nutritional value. We work hard to deliver juices to you within a few hours of juicing and recommend consuming them as fresh as possible. 


Have a question we didn't answer? Email us at info@uglyjuicellc.com.